What is the function of decorative strips for automobile doors and windows?

Release time: 2019-04-11
Today I'd like to talk to you about how to install the decorative strip of doors and windows for automobiles, and how to ensure that it sticks to the strip thoroughly after the installation method and installation are completed.
The window decoration strip is an accessory installed on the peripheral edge of the automobile window, which plays the role of decoration and windshield. The material is made of stainless steel, usually sequined stainless steel. The production process is to cut it off with a lathe, then trim the edges with a punch, and smooth the edges and corners of the seam.
Installation of window decoration strip: Generally, the inner slot of the window which will be installed with window decoration strip is wiped with alcohol. After five minutes of alcohol evaporation, the 3M glue is torn open and glued to the edge of the window, and then the 3M glue window decoration strip is sometimes glued into the slot of the window decoration strip and glued to death.
Clean window frames. The surface of the window frame must be kept clean and dry. Usually, when it is clean, it can be scrubbed with mixed alcohol or special car detergent. After scrubbing, it can be wiped several times with a wet cloth, waiting for natural drying.
Before pasting bright strip, it needs to be placed in the required installation position to be adjusted. After determining the appropriate installation position, the protective film with viscose should be torn off for pasting. When tearing the protective film, finger contact with the adhesive surface should be avoided.
When pasting decorative stripes, press hard several times, and then hold for 5-10 minutes to ensure full contact and wetting of the glue surface. Keep in mind that the pressing process should not let go, otherwise it will affect the effect of pasting. Paste decorative strips as far as possible to choose a high temperature noon, the surrounding environment as far as possible is dry, so that the effect of pasting will be better. Finally, the surface protective film is torn off after thorough adhesion.

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