How to turn on the fog lights?

Release time: 2019-04-11
After opening the enlightenment lamp, you can turn on the fog lamp. Among them, the front fog lamp can be turned on separately; the rear fog lamp can only be turned on simultaneously with the front fog lamp, and cannot be turned on separately. There are two main types of fog light switches, the push button type and the knob type. Different car manufacturers will have their own fog light opening method.

1, button type fog light switch

This fog light switch is more common in American brands such as GM and Ford. The feature of this opening mode is that it is easy to operate and can achieve the corresponding functions with one click.

2, knob type fog light switch

The fog light switch itself is divided into two styles: one is integrated on the left lever (the steering light lever), which is common in the self-owned brand and the Japanese brand model; the other is independently set in the form of a knob. Left side of console

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